2022-08-13 16:30:08

7 reasons for drill bit nozzle damage

7 reasons for drill bit nozzle damage

Carbide drill bit nozzle performance is usually reduced or even completely lost due to scouring, damage or blockage of the throat. The degree of damage varies depending on the type, model and application of the nozzle.


When the drill bit nozzle is not selected, installed, assembled or maintained properly, the following are some basic problems that often occur. But remember: the designed nozzle has a certain service life, so it is very important to maintain the nozzle regularly.



1. Erosion / wear: the metal on the drill bit nozzle throat gradually falls off, the internal flow hole is enlarged or the shape is changed. The flow rate usually increases, the pressure decreases, the spray shape changes and the spray particles become larger.


2. Corrosion: damage caused by chemical reaction between drill bit nozzle material and sprayed material or environment. Its function is similar to that of flushing / wear, in addition to causing damage to the nozzle surface.


3. High temperature: some liquids must be sprayed at a high temperature or high temperature environment, which has a certain negative effect on the drill bit nozzles that do not want to be used for high temperature applications, and the carbide nozzles will soften or break.


4. Adhesion: the substance produced by liquid evaporation accumulates at the throat or outer edge of the drill bit nozzle, forming a solid film and blocking the throat or internal through hole.


5. Clogging: solid particles are blocked in the throat, hindering the flow or uniformity of spray shape.


6. Improper assembly: some drill bit nozzles must be carefully assembled after cleaning, so as to accurately align the gasket, O-ring, internal valve and other components. Improper assembly may cause leakage or reduce spray performance. Too tight a nut will trip the thread.


7. Accident damage: the throat or drill bit nozzle is damaged by accident or falls off during installation. In addition, improper cleaning tools used for drill bit nozzles with small throat will also cause serious damage, for example, use metal wire to clean the blockage.