2017-07-17 14:09:25

Application Of Tungsten Carbide Rods

Tungsten carbide rod is surfacing electrode which is regarded carbon steel as the core. It is usually own sodium type coating with low hydrogen. Tungsten carbide rod is transition by the tungsten carbide alloy in drug skin. Due to the thick skin, the sleeve will also be long. After the rod become red, the drug skin is easy to fall off with small parts. So it had better use direct current. The electrode section is positive and it use small current.

Tungsten carbide rod is apply to the repair of abrasion parts and mechanical parts which under strong wear. Such as concrete mixing blade, bulldozers and pump blade, dredging machine blade, high speed mixing sandbox, impeller blower, the mixer blade, mud pump and coal chute, cement plant tray, spire, fence tooth, lining board, jaw plate, rock breaking machine, hammer and electric bucket tooth.

Tungsten carbide rode don’t need any preheating before welding. Certainly it needs to heat after welding. Tungsten carbide rod has a series of advantages, such as in high hardness, good wear resistance and erosion resistance. With its good wear resistance, the device service life could be extended about four to eight times.

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