2019-09-06 15:16:36

Characteristics of Super Hard Tungsten Carbide Spraying Coatings

Ultra-hard tungsten carbide spraying coatings are usually composed of covalent bonds (carbides, nitrides) and substances (diamonds) consisting of III, IV and V main group elements, such as single crystal, polycrystalline and amorphous, such as diamond, cubic boron nitride (C-BN), carbon nitride (C3N4 and C NX), boron-nitrogen carbon (BCN) and diamond-like carbon. (DLC) etc. Its hardness is very high, close to that of natural diamond. Usually, the hardness of superhard coatings is over 800 GPA, but some scholars regard covalent bond compound coatings above 400 GPA as superhard coatings. The hardness of diamond-like carbon coatings varies widely, which is related to the content of SP3 bond in the structure.


Usually, tetragonal amorphous carbon TA-C, also known as amorphous diamond coating, is regarded as superhard coating, while other diamond-like coatings are regarded as general hard coating. All materials except diamond are synthetic and have no natural counterpart. In addition, the hardness of nano-multilayer structure coatings and nano-crystalline composite coatings, which have been extensively studied in recent years, is also within the hardness range of super-hard coatings, and they have comprehensive excellent properties, so they are favored by people. Ultra-hard tungsten carbide coating materials can be divided into one-component (elemental) compounds, binary compounds, ternary compounds and possibly more components. The main characteristics of tungsten carbide sprayed superhard coating materials are: (1) covalent bonds are the main chemical bonds, and the ion bonds are few; (2) nitrogen carbides and elementary substances of group III and IV in the second and third periods of the periodic table of elements are composed, and the atomic radius of the elements is very small.


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