2017-07-17 14:10:54

Chemical Reaction Value Of Tungsten Carbide Powder

Carbide tungsten powder plating bluish white, it is an alloy coating with good corrosion resistant. Carbide tungsten power is used for watch and bicycle part. They always own good weldable and very suitable for electronic components and printed circuit board. Adding cobalt and nickel electroplating gloss can make them plump. At the same time, it will improve the hardness of pure nickel layer, the lower contact resistance. So it can not only be regarded as protection and decoration coating, but also as mechanical plating, electroplate.
People have been studying alternatives and iron powder as the cemented carbide. Because the carbide tungsten power usually expensive and the resources are scarce. Now carbide tungsten power don’t need any payment technology. Due to radioactive of carbide tungsten power, the large amount of development work only made by more stronger enterprise. While whole development process is in large requires. Generally speaking, the tungsten carbide powder with radioactivity is harmful to human body. However as a strategic resource of a country, only master the development of tungsten carbide powder with high level cold keep it in the leading position in the world.

Adding special material to the metal carbide tungsten has important position in metal product industry. At present, tungsten carbide powder is essential in many nonferrous metals enterprises.

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