2019-09-23 15:18:22

Effect of Particle Size of Cast Tungsten Carbide on Wear Resistance of Spray Welding Layer

Tungsten carbide alloy material is about 100 times stronger than the hardest steel. If good wear-resistant materials are required for any machine or mechanical device, it is best to consider the use of tungsten carbide alloy materials first.


From the comparative analysis of different particle sizes, it can be seen that the wear resistance of spray welding layer increases with the decrease of particle size of cast tungsten carbide. The reason is that as the particle size of cast tungsten carbide decreases, its distribution in spray welding layer is improved, and the structure of spray welding layer becomes more uniform. On the contrary, the larger the casting tungsten carbide particles are, the larger the gap between them is, and the easier the abrasive particles penetrate into the matrix metal and wear it.


The spacing of cast tungsten carbide particles is large, and the scraping effect of polygonal quartz sand on the softer matrix phase on the surface of spray welding layer will cause serious wear of the matrix phase, and finally the hard phase particles will fall off because of losing the maintenance of the matrix phase. The cast tungsten carbide particles are fine and the distance between particles is small. The abrasive particles are hindered by hard phase particles and the wear of matrix metal is obviously reduced. Cast tungsten carbide particles play a key role in anti-wear during the wear process, and the shielding and protection of the softer matrix phase in turn lead to the matrix holding the cast tungsten carbide particles well, so that they do not fall off. In this way, they depend on each other and play their respective roles.


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