2018-05-27 18:24:58

Factory Supply Tungsten Carbide Jet Nozzle

How is Tungsten Carbide Made?
1.The manufacturing process begins with the composition of a specific tungsten carbide powder mixture- tailored for the application.
2.This powder is compacted into a form.
3.In a high- temperature sintering furnace, the tungsten carbide structure of the blank is shaped at precise temperatures for strictly defined periods.
4.During this heat treatment, the tungsten carbide blank undergoes shrinkage of some 50% in volume.
5.The sintered Cemented Carbide component gains its final finish by additional grinding, lapping and/or polishing processes.

Factory Supply Tungsten Carbide Jet Nozzle

Tungsten Carbide Jet Nozzle is heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness and wear resistance, which are widely used in oil industry for the exploration of oil-drilling. Many oil-exploration companies have adopted this kind of product to use in this industry.

Quality assurance:
1. Strict control on choose of the raw material sources.
2. Speciific technology guide for the production of each product.
3. Completed quality testing system for the semi-finished products and finised products.
4. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Our Tungsten Carbide Jet Nozzle products have the advantages of high hardness, corrosion resistance,wear resistance and good toughness.  Our factory accepts non-standard customized products, the price varies with the raw material, the cost and the order quantity.

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