2017-07-17 14:08:27

Improve Service Life Of Tungsten Carbide Die

Tungsten carbide die a kind of composite material that made by powder metallurgy method. Tungsten carbide has high hardness and good wear resistance. It owns high elastic modulus and working temperature. Tungsten carbide can made for som dies. While the service life of dies also could improved several times and even more than dozens of times. Tungsten carbide is regarded as die material, and is mainly used for drawing die, cold extrusion with little impact force and cold punching mold. At present, China can produce each types of tungsten carbide and basically meet the needs of the domestic market.

In order to improve the service life of tungsten carbide die, people had better pay attention to following tips.

Firstly, the selection of tungsten carbide die and hot treatment for insert all should obey the rule of national standards and specifications. At the same time, people who use the tungsten carbide die had better maintain it in time and ensure that the die steel will not be rust and alloy core oxidation. Secondly, structure of tungsten carbide die must be reasonable. Finally, it must be precise in the process of manufacture. And tolerances is required to control strictly.

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