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Is tungsten carbide electrically conductive?

Tungsten carbide (WC) is a chemically resistant hard alloy with a high melting point and hardness comparable to diamond and cubic boron nitride. It has extremely high impact resistance, far higher than other common materials. Nowadays, Tungsten carbide has a wide range of applications in industrial fields, such as tungsten carbide nozzles and sleeves shining in the oil and gas industry, tungsten carbide rods and blades enhancing superior cutting ability in the cutting industry, and tungsten carbide sealing rings providing reliable sealing performance in the sealing industry.

Nevertheless, many people have a huge amount of doubts about whether tungsten carbide has conductivity. So, does tungsten carbide have conductivity?

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Conductivity of tungsten carbide

The answer is affirmative. The conductivity of tungsten carbide is mainly through the movement of charged particles, such as electrons, from one end to the other. Interestingly, unlike metal, tungsten carbide is not a free-electron conductor. Its conductivity is achieved through a "jump" mechanism, which mainly depends on the movement of electrons from one location to another.

Due to the unique lattice structure of tungsten carbide, its electrons can transition through free paths, thus forming a current. The length of this free path determines the conductivity of tungsten carbide.

With modern experimental testing methods, scientists have confirmed this. Under ideal conditions, the conductivity of tungsten carbide can reach 105-106 Ω·cm, proving that tungsten carbide has good conductivity.

Application of tungsten carbide's conductivity

The conductivity of tungsten carbide also allows it to have a wide range of applications in industrial fields such as:

  • Arc-welding electrodes

  • Electrochemical machining

  • Production of resistance wires

  • Development of new materials

In addition, the other excellent properties of tungsten carbide also give them an important place in other industries. If you want to know more information relating tungsten carbide, feel free to contact Langsun Carbide at any time.

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