2017-07-17 14:08:55

Metallurgy Of Tungsten Carbide Powder

In recent years, metallurgy technology of tungsten carbide powder developed rapidly. Sintered casting, temperature and pressure skills, injection molding, sinter hardening are used more and more widely. At present, powder casting is a primary forming skills in tungsten carbide powder metallurgy mechanical parts industry. Its shape has been changed by hot forging or cold forging. It has completed high density.

Chinese car and motorcycle market have very great potential. On one side, the motorcycle is still occupy the first market. But with a series of resolution and plan have been carried out, motorcycle market will be further expanded in the China West. On the other hand, the current national car market carried out another round of market competition.The revival and development of this occupation offered key point to tungsten carbide powder metallurgy.
From the international development trend, carbonized tungsten powder metallurgy gear can reduce the advantages of parts components and attracted more and more attention to the field due to its cheap price. For example, the number of each tungsten carbide powder metallurgy part in car has been increased quickly in the area of north America and Europe since 1990.

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