2019-10-08 13:48:49

Performance comparison between sintered tungsten carbide and cast tungsten carbide

The effective way to improve the properties of WC cemented carbide is to reduce the grain size to ultra-fine size, even to nano-size. Nano-WC cemented carbide is a "double-high" material with high toughness and hardness, which is pursued by many materials researchers. The key technology is the preparation of raw material powder and the sintering of alloy.


By mixing tungsten carbide powder with tungsten powder in a certain proportion, it can be made into mixture, compaction, sintering, mechanical crushing/sieving classification, and then it can become sintered tungsten carbide powder of various specifications. In actual production, fine cast tungsten carbide powder is added to cobalt to make mixtures, and then pelletized, sintered and mechanically crushed to produce sintered tungsten carbide. Most of W2 C in this sintered tungsten carbide reacts with cobalt to form brittle M6C phase.


Sintered tungsten carbide is a kind of tungsten carbide particle bonded with cobalt or nickel. Its Rockwell hardness is greater than 88 HRA. Compared with cast tungsten carbide, its wear resistance is slightly lower than cast tungsten carbide, its bending strength is 1 400 MPa, and its impact resistance is greater than cast tungsten carbide.


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