2019-08-02 17:25:13

Research Progress of Tungsten Carbide Cemented Carbide

Ultrafine cemented carbide has high toughness, high strength and high hardness because of its high bonding strength and fine microstructure, which combines the characteristics of ceramics and metals at the same time. Even at a slightly higher temperature, the hardness of ultrafine-grained cemented carbides will not decrease significantly. Because it can be made into sharp edges, at present, this kind of material not only has obvious advantages in the application of difficult-to-process materials, but also occupies an extremely important position in the high-tech field, and is widely used in various micro-tools and wear-resistant parts, such as PCB micro-drills.


I. Preparation Technology of WC Ultrafine and Nanometer Powders

The general preparation method of tungsten carbide powder is carbothermal reduction method, but this method has limitations. The tungsten carbide powder produced by this method is micron-sized and can not be further refined. In recent years, the preparation technology of tungsten carbide powder has been fully studied and developed, and many nano-sized powder preparation technologies have been applied, such as direct reduction carbonization, plasma, mechanical alloying, gas phase carbonization, etc.


II. Sintering Technology of Ultrafine Cemented Carbide

The properties of cemented carbide are closely related to its manufacturing process. The properties of raw materials are of course fundamental to the properties of finished products, but not only that, but also the factors of forming, sintering process and equipment occupy an important position. In many manufacturing processes, the most important process is sintering. This special process will directly determine the performance changes of products. Appropriate sintering process parameters are as important as sintering equipment. In industrial production, the commonly used sintering methods are hydrogen sintering, vacuum sintering and low pressure sintering.


Application of Ultrafine Cemented Carbide



Cemented carbide is mainly used in cutting tools, mining tools, dies and high-pressure and high-temperature rejection chambers, and the proportion of cutting tools and mining tools accounted for 33% and 25% of cemented carbide applications, respectively. In cutting tools, cemented carbide is mainly used as tool materials, such as turning tools, milling cutters, planers, drills, boring cutters, etc. It is used to cut cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fibers, graphite, glass, stone and ordinary steel, as well as difficult-to-process materials. Cutting mainly depends on machine tools to achieve. In terms of mining tools, cemented carbides are mainly used as drilling tools, mining tools and drilling tools. They play an important role in mineral resources, petroleum exploitation and infrastructure construction.


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