2019-09-27 15:31:50

Superior properties of coarse-grained tungsten carbide powder manufactured by staged recarbonization process of tungsten powder

Coarse-grained WC powder has different properties and uses from medium and fine-grained WC powder. Especially at high temperature, it has a series of advantages, such as less structural defects, high microhardness and small micro-strain. Coarse-grained WC powder is widely used in geological and mining tools, stamping dies, large anvil for artificial diamond production, high-speed cutting tools, jet engine components, resistance heating elements and kiln structural materials, cermet materials, hard surface materials.


Tungsten carbide powder with coarse and uniform grain size has always been an urgent need for coarse-grained cemented carbide manufacturers. The classification and re-carbonization process of tungsten powder can effectively solve the phenomenon of coarse and fine powder clamping.


The quality of tungsten powder directly decides the quality of WC and alloy properties. The classification of tungsten powder can effectively change the properties of powder, solve the problem of coarse and fine powder clamping, reduce the difference between minimum particle size, maximum particle size and average particle size, and produce a coarser and more uniform tungsten carbide powder. Separation of agglomerated particles in the powder can effectively separate the powder and improve its homogeneity. The experimental results show that the coarse grained alloy made by this method has uniform structure and superior properties.


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