2019-08-12 16:21:05

The thickness of tungsten carbide spraying coating is more suitable

Any type of spraying is to have a certain range, processing methods are also to have some differences, we must consider why the spraying process, what aspects of processing requirements and so on. Generally, carbide spraying needs to find professional companies to complete the processing and production. The other side provides equipment and materials, but also can ensure the technical level, processing effect need not worry about us. However, many people may not know the thickness of tungsten carbide spraying coating, nor how to set the thickness, so how much thickness can ensure the spraying effect?


The thickness of carbide spraying is still related to the processing technology. Generally speaking, if vacuum evaporation is used, the thickness will be thinner, but if special equipment is used for spraying, the thickness of basic aviation can reach 1 mm. And the conventional processing mode, basically the thickness will be controlled in 0.3-0.5 mm, or depend on our actual requirements. If only general spraying treatment, because the hardness of carbonization itself has been very high, so basically 0.1 mm can also guarantee good wear resistance.


Specific tungsten carbide spray coating thickness is more appropriate, we still have to take into account their own processing requirements, as well as specific wear resistance requirements and so on. Now we can provide more manufacturers for this type of processing, but the manufacturers can provide us with what kind of processing methods, specific costs and so on, we also need to make an overall confirmation. The higher the thickness, the higher the cost of natural processing, and the choice of processing technology will also have an impact on the cost, so a good overall comparison is indispensable.


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