2019-05-23 14:58:07

Tungsten Carbide Balls and Seats

For sealing of valves of oil pumps in petroleum industry's sand containing wells, viscous oil wells, sea oil wells, high pressure sulfur resistant oil wells, compatible Cemented Carbide valve seats, etc.

1.High hardness and wear resistance.
2.Fine dimensions tolerance
3.Fine ground and mirror polished surface

Various grades for tungsten shot/pellets can be supplied according to customer's drawings. The surface finish, tolerance class and tolerances of dimensions have respectively reached the standards of the machine industry: G5, G10, G16, G40 and G100 of JB/T 9145-1999.

Langsunā€™s manufacturing principle is based on highly trained operators working in processes with standardized work methods and advanced machines. Our team's efforts are on continuously high quality, on-time delivery and improved productivity to decrease costs. With these goals in mind, Langsun will help customers achieve lower cost, quicker turnaround and the highest quality production possible. We sincerely expect long term cooperation with all of the abroad customers.

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