2017-07-17 14:07:30

Tungsten Carbide Blade Needs Improvement

The current machine development trend is high speed, high precision and high quality. High speed operation has more and more high requirement to mold, cutting tools, surface treatment. Prolong the service life, reduce the production cost and create higher profits are the common goal that the industry pursuit. The improvement of cutting tool has become an important factor in order to meet the high speed machining, save processing time and cost. Tungsten carbide blade has high wear resistance and hardness. You must choose the appropriate surface treatment to get best benefit from processing.

This part is usually used for cold forging punch, hydraulic drawing die, tungsten carbide wire drawing, pump tube. Titanium aluminum nitride with high aluminum content is very easy to be formed alumina dura on the surface. This film can make the oxidation temperature up to 923 degrees. And can protect tungsten carbide blade keep hardness under the high temperature. However titanium nitride and titanium carbon nitride will also generate titanium oxide film at high temperatures. It is not easy to adhesion in epidural.That make dura lack of protection, oxidation rapidly and degradation.

So no matter under high temperature or low temperature, the surface treatment of coating must choose appropriate thermal treatment  and stable substrates. And also with  grinding and precision polishing processing. At present super high temperature resin binder still can not meet the requirements of mass production tool fully. There is still room for the quantity and quality to further development.

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