2018-03-28 15:14:02

Tungsten scrap carbide rotary files

Multi specification cone tungsten scrap carbide rotary files

Product Detail

Material: Carbide/ tungsten steel
Name: carbide rotary file
Size: 3*6mm
Paymet term: T/C/ T/T
Price: Reasonable

Shape: Cylindrical, Cylindrical ball nose, Oval, Cone with round head, etc

The carbide alloy rotary file is the fitter and mold labor's indispensable advanced tool, its characteristic is substitutes for the belt handle small grinding wheel and the non-dust pollution, the service life is equal to several hundred belt handle small grinding wheel, the processing effciency enhances above 5 times, below abrasive machning degree of hardness HRC70 each metal and the nonmetallic meterial, grinding surface roughness may reach Ral.6, convenience grasps, use to be simple, safe reliable, reduces the arduous manual labor greatly, reduce the cost of production.



The carbide alloy rotary file use is extremely widespread, appies in the mold processing manufacture. Machine parts bevel edge, inverted round and trench processing, The clean-up casting, forging, weldment's edge, Burr and welded joint; pipeline, impeller passage's light entire processing, metal and nonmetallic material (bone jade stone) industrial art carving.

Langsun Carbide undertakes its own R & D and manufacturing of tungsten carbide and carbide parts assemblies, and also exports blank and finished carbide products to North America, Europe and South Africa and Southeast Asia and so on.

With advanced facilities and top teams, our company has all kinds of shapes and sizes of cemented carbide products including carbide rods, carbide plates, carbide rings, carbide bushings, carbide nozzles, carbide balls, valves and nonstandard carbide parts. We feel very pride that our tungsten carbide products are widely used in the following fields, Mechanical seals, oil and natural gas industry, New Energy, Military industry, Aerospace, Auto parts industry, Steel smelting, Coal mining, Chemical industry.