2017-07-17 14:07:56

Wear Principle Of Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten carbide balls can made for shotgun cartridges. The shotgun cartridge is not same as ordinary cartridge. It is a ball full of something. The bullet is dispersed into many small balls when shoot from gun muzzle. Explosive power is acting on each balls. Every ball has lower energy. In the hunting activities, people are usually main for shooting birds or other small animals.

Mill ball produces amounts and relative sliding after it has loaded. The connect surface temperature of mill ball parts become rise and oxidation also become more quickly. From the test, we all know that the release energy in the process of fretting wear has been mostly used up with heating. Fretting wear area of mill steel ball often appear fatigue crack. But the contact stress is only produced in the shallow surface of the ball. And generally speaking, these crackles will no longer extension.

Fretting wear of the steel ball mill is difficult to eliminate completely. However take proper measures can reduce the wear degree. Such as reduce the fretting contact area, mill ball change to the whole structure, some of connect surface hardening, improve the ball tube finish, spray hard metal on the surface, improve the mill steel ball contact stress or increase the friction between the contact surfaces. Adding the material with high elastic strain limit can uptake fretting amplitude. This can  prevent the ball tube fretting wear.

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