2019-08-20 08:46:52

What Processing Notices for Tungsten Carbide Spraying

The choice of spraying methods is different. The overall spraying effect and the service life of the final workpiece will also be seriously affected. Indeed, carbide spraying technology has also been welcomed by everyone in recent years, its spraying process is better, and can ensure that the workpiece does not deform, wear resistance can also be enhanced, so the market application rate is very high. However, this kind of spraying is also to master the technical level, the use of special equipment, especially to understand what the corresponding precautions of tungsten carbide spraying, to ensure better spraying effect, but also to avoid the health impact on staff.


Safety and protection work should be done well. In the process of tungsten carbide spraying processing, in addition to ensuring the operation of professional staff, it is necessary to do the corresponding safety protection work. It is necessary to ensure that the corresponding anti-virus masks are well worn, as well as special dust-proof clothes and gloves. Dust-proof work should be done well in any stage of processing, and all workers should have corresponding physical examination before working. If respiratory symptoms occur, they must be handled promptly in order to avoid more serious diseases.


Use professional equipment. Carbide spraying technology and the past spraying will still have great differences, and the requirements for raw materials and equipment processing are also very high. Professional equipment must be used, and all staff members are also required to conduct overall processing training. In fact, specific tungsten carbide spraying what aspects of attention, in the process of training is to do a good job of learning. Only when professional equipment is used can the processing effect be guaranteed and the spraying effect on the workpiece surface be perfected.

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