2022-09-27 10:18:38

What are nozzles?

Nozzle is a key component in many kinds of spray, spray, oil spray, sand blasting, spraying and other equipment, which plays an important role.


Nozzles can be divided into two categories:

1Nozzle for burner (military and civil)

2Non burner nozzle



According to the function of the nozzle, the nozzle can be roughly divided into: spray nozzle, oil spray burner and special nozzle.


According to the classification of materials, it can be divided into: metal nozzle, plastic nozzle, ceramic nozzle and carbide nozzle.


According to industry classification, nozzles can be divided into: petrochemical nozzle, agricultural nozzle, textile nozzle, papermaking nozzle, printing nozzle, environmental protection (desulfurization, denitration, denitrification, dust removal, etc.) nozzle, oil spraying nozzle, iron and steel metallurgy nozzle, electronic nozzle, food nozzle.


According to the shape classification, it can be divided into hollow cone nozzle, solid cone nozzle, square nozzle, rectangular nozzle, oval nozzle, sector nozzle, column flow (direct current) nozzle, two fluid nozzle, multi fluid nozzle, etc.


Special industry nozzles: fire nozzle, Texaco nozzle, pelleting nozzle, etc.


Nozzles are very widely used, involving almost every field.