2019-08-16 14:48:28

What are the characteristics of supersonic spraying tungsten carbide

The emergence of any spraying technology is definitely due to the development of technology and market needs. Supersonic spraying tungsten carbide processing is needed in many industries. In order to ensure a good wear resistance, the surface processing effect of tungsten carbide is also very good. And such technology must be used by professional manufacturers, but also to have a certain understanding of each other's scientific and technological level. In fact, the processing of supersonic spraying tungsten carbide still has its special characteristics. If we want to do such surface treatment, we must also make an overall comparison.


The first feature is higher speed. The sound speed of supersonic spraying tungsten carbide is about five times that of normal sound speed, so the processing effect is better and the processing efficiency need not be worried about. Confirmation in the process of spraying, the speed of powder can also be rapidly increased, so that it can effectively protect the density and strength of its spraying, the use effect is not to worry about us.


Second, the combination is stronger. Because of the special technology of supersonic spraying tungsten carbide and the high density of coating, it can also effectively reduce the porosity, which can better ensure the excellent performance of its surface. Moreover, the bonding strength of such processing technology is also very high, so the product quality produced by processing is better, and it is more worthy of our choice.


Third, the workpiece does not deform. In fact, when surface spraying process is carried out, the most worrying problem is the surface deformation of the workpiece. After all, the workpiece has been made. If deformation occurs in the later processing, it is possible that some parts with high precision can not continue to be used together. Supersonic spraying tungsten carbide can effectively ensure that the workpiece does not deform in high-speed operation, and the practicability can also be guaranteed.


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