2022-09-23 11:03:45

What does MWD stand for?

This article mainly introduces the name MWD, which is the abbreviation of Measurement while drilling, of professional equipment applied in the oil drilling industry. 

In the oil and gas industry, in order to extract oil or natural gas, drilling rigs are used to dig holes or oil wells underground. In the process of drilling, some data will be obtained from the drilling sensor equipment to monitor and manage the mining work. At the same time, during the drilling process, the geological structure will be recorded with data to automatically generate operation statistics and performance benchmarks, so as to adjust the scheme in the whole process and provide accurate historical data for the staff, so as to carry out risk statistical analysis for future oil well development. 

MWD and LWD often appear together, but their functions are different. MWD refers to measurement while drilling, while LWD refers to logging while drilling, which refers to the measurement of geological structures penetrated during drilling.


MWD tool is used to measure downhole parameters of bit rock interaction. Its measurement indicators usually include vibration and impact, mud flow rate, bit direction and angle, weight on bit, weight on bit and downhole pressure.

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