2019-09-09 15:07:34

What is the difference between Sprayed Tungsten carbide coatings before and after grinding

When spraying tungsten carbide slaughter city, there will be some differences before and after the whole processing, and we can better understand some of the specific differences in the process of doing, then we can bring more protection. Many people in the process of doing, they know the whole spraying process is not very appropriate, so it will directly affect the final results.


Generally speaking, when spraying tungsten carbide coating, mainly on the metal surface, spraying a layer, using different equipment, the coating thickness will be different, and the overall roughness will be different. If we need some more precise requirements, we can use diamond grinding wheels in the process of grinding, the final effect will be more good.


Before and after spraying, the surface will be different, and in the process of using, it will really have better function and effect. Everyone's choice is different, the effect will be different after spraying. We can choose more advanced technology, so we can achieve more protection. So I hope you can pay attention to it in advance in the process of doing it.


Spraying process will directly affect the end of the matter, before and after spraying, the color is different, there will be some differences in other aspects, so when you can try to understand the relevant matters, find a more professional staff to complete the work of spraying, this will be good for us all. The spraying process is changing constantly and will bring better results in the future.


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