2022-12-15 10:50:44

What is the hardness of cemented carbide?



First,the hardness of cemented carbide is HRA89~92.5. The hardness of this alloy is very high, so it is difficult to make some complex appliances. Cemented carbide is made of carbides of a variety of refractory metals as raw materials, copper. And its own hardness is very good, but also with certain corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Moreover, the brittleness of cemented carbide is very large, but it cannot be cut, so it can also be made into some complex items.


Second, what are the precautions for cemented carbide plate when processing


1. The hardness of cemented carbide tungsten steel is very high, and it also has wear resistance. Therefore, whether we are handling and processing, or when using, we can not knock and throw, which will cause certain safety accidents and cause certain harm to life.


2. When using tungsten carbide for grinding processing, there will be some chipping angles and cracking phenomena in the excessive processing load. Before machining, cemented carbide must be fixed in the workbench before processing. And the magnetic properties of tungsten steel are very low, and cemented carbide is also not magnetic. Therefore, magnets cannot be used to fix the cemented carbide completely, and fixtures must be used to fix it.


3. And before processing, see if the workpiece is loose. If there are cases, the workpiece must be fixed completely before it can be operated. Moreover, after cutting and grinding tungsten carbide products, the overall surface will be particularly smooth, and the angle is also very sharp, pay attention to it when handling.


4. Moreover, the brittleness of the custom alloy is particularly high, and it is especially afraid of impact, so it cannot be beaten with a metal hammer. Moreover, tungsten carbide  is particularly slow when discharging and cutting. When tungsten carbide parts is welded, the corresponding method should be selected for welding. When this is done, the overall surface will be particularly beautiful.

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