2023-03-17 17:55:55

Why can carbide blades cut diamonds but break so easily?

Tungsten carbide blades can cut diamonds because the hardness is high, and diamonds are also an extremely hard material. Tungsten carbide inserts are made of tungsten, cobalt carbon and other binders and powdered carbides sintered at high temperature, with high hardness and wear resistance. When cutting a diamond, the tip of the carbide blade cuts the bonds of carbon atoms in the diamond's lattice structure, breaking it.

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However, although carbide inserts are very hard, they are also highly brittle. Brittleness means that the material is prone to fracture when subjected to external impact force, while the structure of cemented carbide inserts is relatively dense, and there are no large defects and toughness inside, so it is easy to fracture under the action of external force. In addition, the manufacturing process and material quality of the tungsten carbide insert will also affect its brittleness. Therefore, when using carbide inserts, it is necessary to avoid excessive impact and stress concentration, so as not to cause it to chip.