2022-12-08 17:26:53

what is tungsten carbide used for?

The environment surrounding the exploration drilling of natural resources is extremely harsh, imagine the oil and gas industries in such an environment, the requirements for accessories and components of matching equipment are very high. High wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and absolutely problem-free sealing, carbide bushings meet these requirements.

As a wear-resistant part on the equipment, cemented carbide wear-resistant bushing has good logistics stability performance, which also provides the basis of wear resistance, high hardness, high compressive strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, can meet the special requirements of all mechanical equipment friction wear-resistant parts in the mining process of drilling and production, natural gas and other industries, especially the precision production and use requirements of wear-resistant sealing parts.

Cemented carbide because of the surface finish and processing dimensional tolerance can meet the use of mechanical seal wear-resistant parts, and its physical property indicators determine its suitable for seismic and shock absorption material requirements The improvement of tool material performance can promote production efficiency, improve the use requirements of production equipment, cemented carbide good physical stability performance is a tool material widely used in industrial mass production.