Circular Saw Blades for Wood

Using tungsten carbide saw blades, one can easily cut timber of various hardnesses, be it hardwood or softwood, and even certain composite materials. They offer extremely high precision and cutting efficiency to users in the cutting industry. 

Tungsten carbide saw blades cut through timber in a physical manner under high-speed rotation, assisting customers in achieving the desired size or shape of the wood. Tungsten carbide saw blades provided by Langsun Carbide exhibit excellent wear resistance, enabling long periods of continuous cutting even in large-scale production environments.

saw blade.jpg

The impact of tungsten carbide saw blades on wood cutting efficiency:

  1. Usually, the cutting speed of tungsten carbide saw blades for hardwood is about 45-55 meters per second, equivalent to 162-198 kilometers per hour.

  2. The cutting speed is influenced by various factors such as saw blade design, wood hardness, and wood humidity.

  3. Tungsten carbide saw blades are stable and durable, suitable for all occasions that require precise and high-quality wood cutting.

Langsun Carbide can manufacture tungsten carbide saw blades of different tooth designs and sizes according to customer's drawings and application environments, to cope with different notches and cutting environments.