Tungsten Carbide Rod For Cutting Tools

In cutting tools, tungsten carbide rods are often used to manufacture blades and drill bits. Due to its superior hardness and abrasion resistance, it can cope well with various challenging cutting environments, including high-wear metals and hard-surface materials.

Tungsten carbide rods have extremely high wear performance, strong bending resistance, and impact resistance. They maintain stability under high temperatures and are not easy to wear in high-speed cutting operations. They can be used to cut various materials, including but not limited to steel, copper, and aluminum.

Langsun Carbide manufactures tungsten carbide rods that can be divided into two types: uniform grain size and ultra-fine grain size, depending on the customer's usage environment and purpose. Uniform grain size tungsten carbide rods are mainly used for making cutting tools and wear-resistant components; whereas ultra-fine grain size tungsten carbide rods are mainly applied in precision machining.