2019-07-12 15:44:12

Characteristics of tungsten carbide coating preparation

1. The flame velocity is very high, usually five times the speed of sound.

2. The speed of powder spraying is also very high, up to 2000 m/s.

3. The coating is highly compact and has high bonding strength. The porosity can be less than 1%, and the bonding strength can be greater than 70 Mpa.

4. The oxidation degree of coating material is low. Low carbon loss and high hardness of coating.

5. Powder particles acquire great kinetic energy in high-speed flame flow, and have a remarkable impact effect on the substrate and the deposited particles. Only a small part of the deposited particles have liquid/solid solidification and contraction processes, most of which are solid phase.

Deformation and formation of compressive stress in the coating are beneficial to improve the reliability of the coating.

6. Certain specific materials to meet the repair occasion.

7. High-speed impact and intense deformation make the lattice of the material distort and increase the activity of the material, thus increasing the activity of the material.

The possibility of physical bonding with adjacent particles or matrix materials makes the coating highly reliable.

8. Workpiece does not deform.

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