2022-04-19 15:06:09

How to improve cemented carbide mining tools

In the field of mining machinery, cemented carbide mining tools are widely used, and they need to withstand a large impact force in the working environment. 

The main components of cemented carbide wear-resistant products for mineral development are tungsten carbide and cobalt. Coarse-grained tungsten carbide is widely used as an alloy raw material in the current process, because such a raw material makes the finished alloy have good toughness and plasticity. However, it still has the shortcomings of insufficient wear resistance and strength, so there is wear and short service life in the work. In order to solve the problems described above, innovators are also constantly exploring new preparation methods.



They took the following steps:

(A) Prepare new raw materials: prepare 84-94% tungsten carbide, 5-15% cobalt powder, 0.5-3% rare metal, and 0.3-2% trace element in proportion; the particle size of the prepared tungsten carbide is 1.8-4.0um 0.5-3% solid solution of at least one element in tantalum, niobium and vanadium; the trace elements include at least one of nickel, silicon, zinc, magnesium, tin, aluminum, bismuth and phosphorus.

(B) Add the raw materials in the first step into the ball mill, and mix with alcohol for 8-80 hours, then vacuum dry.

(C) Incorporation of a molding agent (SBS rubber or paraffin) into the formulation, followed by each vacuum drying.

(D) Finally, after we add the molding agent, the powder is pressed into a blank according to the shape of the mining tool.

(E) Sintering the formed wool at the adjusted temperature of 1350-1430°C, and then cooling the cemented carbide for mining tools, the grain size of the cemented carbide thus produced is . 4-4.2um.