2018-10-22 21:37:04

Sintered Tungsten carbide Strip

Tungsten carbide is an inorganic non-natural compound composed of tungsten and carbon。Mono-tungsten carbide , which is stable at room temperature, is of major technical relevance.It's most striking properties are a high density and a high melting point of 2600 °C,
a high hardness as well as the metal-like, high values of electric and thermal conductivity.

Tungsten Carbide Strip is widely known as one kind of carbide cutting tools. which is available for different grinding geometric parameters and suitable for botcutting materials and nonmetal materials, also it can be applied to conventional, carbide inserts, semi-automatic lathe, automatic lathe and planning machine to work grooves and operate cutting, etc.
We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of tungsten carbide products with 10+ years experience. The tungsten carbide strip we produced with high strength, wear resistance, high precirrosion resistant. Various sizes and type available, and we can make the customized drawing meet our customers' requirement.
 Length: 330 or 310 mm or cut to lengths upon requirement.

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