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Tungsten Carbide Surfacing Electrode

      The tubular granular cast tungsten carbide welding rod is composed of WC-W2C particles with different particle sizes (8-100 mesh) in steel pipe. The mass ratio of tungsten carbide to steel pipe is 60:40. Multi-purpose oxyacetylene flame surfacing. Because tungsten carbide melts less and has carburizing effect in oxyacetylene flame surfacing welding, the distribution of tungsten carbide is easy to control, so the wear resistance of tungsten carbide is good. Arc surfacing can also be used. After arc surfacing, the matrix becomes tool steel containing carbon and tungsten. The maximum hardness can reach 65HRC. When tungsten carbide electrode is arc surfacing, most tungsten carbide melts, only a small amount of precipitation is at the bottom of the molten pool. With the fusion dilution of the base metal, the surfacing layer becomes Tungsten-Alloyed cast iron, which has a high hardness. However, the abrasive wear resistance of the surfacing layer is lower than that of tungsten carbide flame surfacing. Because of the high productivity of arc surfacing, it is often used in surfacing of excavation and Earth transport equipment.

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