2018-01-26 10:24:40

Tungsten is difficult and costly to maintain

With advanced facilities and top teams, our company has all kinds of shapes and sizes of cemented carbide products including carbide rods, carbide plates, carbide rings, carbide bushings, carbide nozzles, carbide balls, valves and nonstandard carbide parts. We feel very pride that our tungsten carbide products are widely used in the following fields, Mechanical seals, oil and natural gas industry, New Energy, Military industry, Aerospace, Auto parts industry, Steel smelting, Coal mining, Chemical industry.

Tungsten is difficult and costly to maintain, so steel mills are constantly developing recycling technologies for tungsten carbide roll collars, which comprise 85% tungsten, in order to reduce tungsten consumption.

If you need carbide insert, please contact with us with help, hope our experienced engineers will give some useful suggestions to your design or help you to find which blades or tungsten carbide inserts you exactly need.


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