2019-06-28 17:37:09

What is the development trend of cemented carbide in the world?

On the one hand, coated cemented carbides have developed rapidly, the output has increased greatly, and the application field has been expanding continuously. Various excellent ceramic coated cemented carbides are emerging, such as single coated cemented carbide with titanium carbide ceramics, which increases the cutting speed from 80m/min to 180m/min; subsequently, double coated cemented carbide with titanium carbide-alumina increases the cutting speed to 250m/min; and three coated cemented carbides with titanium carbide-alumina-titanium nitride increase the cutting speed to 300m/min. In addition, the gradient of coating matrix and the diversification of coating composition have made great progress.

On the other hand, the grain size of cemented carbide develops toward coarsening and refinement.


Grain refinement

The average grain size of WC is between 0.1 and 0.6um. The key of grain refinement includes powder preparation and densification sintering. Among them, finer particle size, more uniform, higher purity and better stability of high-quality raw material powder is the key to the preparation of high-performance ultra-fine and nano-cemented carbides. Ultrafine grained WC-Co cemented carbide is an important raw material for processing micro-drills for integrated circuit board, printing needles for dot matrix printers, milling cutters and precision moulds. It is widely used in the field of electronic industry and precision processing.


Grain coarsening

The average grain size of coarse WC is between 8-14um. Coarse grained cemented carbide with good matching toughness and hardness can be obtained by adjusting its content with CO properly. Ultra-coarse grained WC-Co cemented carbide is an advanced mining alloy in the development. Its rock breaking and drilling tools are more and more widely used in full-face roadheader, shearer, high-efficiency highway mirror planer, advanced hydraulic rock drill and rock drilling rig.

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