2022-07-20 21:15:31

What is tungsten carbide die?

The life span of tungsten carbide die is greater than ten times and even lots of times that of steel mold. tungsten carbide die has only high firmness, high stamina, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and also small growth coefficient. Typically, tungsten cobalt sealed carbide is made use of.

Such as market typical materials YG3, YG6, yg6x Yg8.yg15, YG20, YG20C, YG25 as well as HU20, HU222, hwn1 (non-magnetic alloy mold) embrace unique procedures such as key carbide material as well as low-pressure sintering, the durability will be far better than that of traditional production, and also the life span will certainly be raised by 3-5 times.、


Tungsten carbide dies can be separated into 4 kinds according to their applications:

The 1st., is cemented carbide cord drawing dies, which account for the substantial majority of cemented carbide passes away. The primary brands of wire drawing passes away in China are YG8, YG6 and also YG3, complied with by YG15, YG6X as well as YG3X. Some new brand names have actually been developed, such as YL for high-speed cord illustration, and cs05 (YLO.5), cg20 (yl20) as well as cg40 (YL30) imported from abroad; K10 、 ZK20/ZK30 。.

The 2nd sort of passes away are cool heading, cold marking and also forming passes away, and the primary brands are yc20c, YG20, YG15, ct35, yjt30 as well as mo15.

The 3rd., kind of mold is non-magnetic alloy mold used for the manufacturing of magnetic products, such as YSN series YSN (consisting of 20, 25, 30, 35, 40) as well as steel bound non-magnetic mold and mildew brand TMF.

The 4th., type is mold in high temperature. There is no basic brand name for this sort of alloy, and the marketplace need is enhancing.